Chapter Five

Back to the Cause of Emotional Problems

The Case of Laura Miller: Recurring Thoughts of “Help Me”


        This intriguing case centered around an energetic and spiritually advanced subject.  For the past 20 years she had been plagued by a thought that resembled an inner voice, saying, “Help me.”  She would also utter those words upon waking in the morning.  This emotionally troubling situation began after her mother died over twenty years ago.  During that time a string of physically and emotionally traumatic events occurred signaling a rather dark episode in her present life.  A few months prior to seeing me, the subject had been regressed to the cause of this emotional plea.  She was taken back to a life in the 1800s wherein she was a male explorer in South America who died when he was unable to make his way out of a quicksand bog.  Unfortunately, Laura retained this problem and would occasionally say or think the words, “Help me”, and at the same time have associated shoulder discomfort. 

    Laura’s session had included several issues that needed work, and this “Help me” issue was the last one to be confronted.  With the previous regression history in mind, I took her back again to the cause of this emotional call for help and enlisted the aid of her Spirit Guide. Recounting the same lifetime, we found that the explorer was also an author and wrote many articles which were posthumously published as a book.  His death in the quicksand occurred around 1888.  The subject became unduly fatigued, and I thought it best to end the session.

     Four months later I once again saw the subject.  She was still having a sort of panic reaction and repeating the words “Help me.” This time I asked the Spirit Guide to take us

back to any further causes of this problem.  Laura immediately felt herself falling out of a crumbling building during an Earthquake.  By taking her further back in time to the day before this incident, I was able to ascertain that this event had taken place in Atlantis.  (The subject has had eight lives in Atlantis.)  At the time of the tremor, the Earth shook mercilessly as the building began to disintegrate.  The subject in that lifetime tried in vain to hold things together using her own energy field, and then attempted this using the collective energy fields of her family and friends.  The entire time that she endeavored to keep the building intact, she screamed, “Help me… help me!”  She and many others died that day, as the destruction of Atlantis began. 

    Having relived these events, I felt confident that Laura would be able to release this negative cell memory and its emotional impact; but as always, I prodded the Spirit Guide further in an attempt to uncover any other causes of this rather serious emotional problem.  I was promptly told, “Enough for now.”  I decided that in this instance, discretion was definitely the better part of valor, and I ended the session with my usual positive suggestions and figured I would make use of a time-worn medical phrase:  I would put into effect “watchful waiting”. 

    At her following session one month later, Laura informed me that she was improved but still had occasional thoughts of “Help me”.  I once again invoked her Spirit Guide and asked for his assistance.  He then came forward with a dissertation on the mission of Spirit Guides and also spoke of angels.  I interrupted him to ask about the mission of Spiritual Warriors.  I received no response; however, Laura claimed that she did, in the form of a feeling of strength from her Spirit Guide.  I then asked to have the subject return to any further causes of this powerful, emotional appeal that often interfered with her thinking, bringing forth anxiety and often unwarranted fear. 

      Laura immediately began to cry as a look of panic came over her face.  The words, “Help me!... God… why have You left me?” slowly filtered out of her lips.  I rose her above the scene and told her to view what was going on from a third-person perspective.  She then informed me that she was being dragged through the streets and beaten.  “The people want to burn me.  I have gifts… I can heal…they don’t understand, and this frightens them… they feel threatened.”  Though she was viewing the scene from this objective perspective, Laura still exhibited widespread emotions while describing what was happening.  I was able to ascertain that she was a 17-year-old young woman about to be put to death in a horribly painful manner by seventeenth-century religious zealots and bigots.  Such ignorance and cruelty reigned supreme in that sad era and was responsible for many thousands of intensely agonizing deaths of young, innocent, and gifted women.

      The subconscious cell-memory of these horrible deaths has surfaced in many present-day individuals in the form of emotional or physical pain.  These individuals, much like my subject, are gifted in many ways.  Upon seeing themselves persecuted and tortured in those lifetimes, they can easily understand why their present life is so affected and why it is so important for them to forgive in order to release the effect.  Laura was no exception, as she now indicated to me that her Spirit Guide purposely delayed recalling this lifetime, as he needed time to prepare her to relive this memory.  She also informed me that her Spirit Guide in some way compelled me to ask him about Spiritual Warriors, and the Spirit Guide’s response further shored up her protective preparation for what was about to come.  Even though she admitted that she subconsciously resisted going back to that life, her Spirit Guide was able to gently lead her back into it with a minimum of emotional trauma, for he knew that she had help from a Spiritual Warrior as she suffered through the burning at the stake.  

    Her Spirit Guide now impressed upon her the necessity of forgiving all those who participated in this heinous crime, for only then will she be able to release this crippling memory.  The Spirit Guide put it very well when he told her, “You must leave your coat at the door before you walk through.”  I must say that I rather enjoy and appreciate the help of Spirit Guides.  I find that they are very protective of those in their care, and in this case, most comprehensively so.

    Subsequent follow-up contact with the subject revealed no recurrence of the negative emotional plea of, “Help me, help me!” for over three and a half years.


The Case of Larry Nash: Running Out of Time


    Larry was a 53-year-old man who had been plagued for many years with anxiety over “running out of time.”  Any situation in life, regardless of what it was related to, seemed to be subject to this uncomfortable feeling of not having enough time, thus producing varying degrees of unnecessary anxiety with all its attendant negative feelings.   I had regressed Larry to several lifetimes prior to this session, and he was observed to die early in those lifetimes, but it wasn’t until I asked his Higher Self to help take him back to the cause of why he feels that he is “running out of time” that his conscious mind put it all together.  Larry practically jumped off the couch as he loudly affirmed, “That’s it!  I die early in many of my lifetimes… that’s why I feel like I’m running out of time.  But… I’m fifty-three… I’m home free… I’ve made it.  I don’t have to worry any more.”  Grinning from ear to ear, Larry acknowledged that he felt like a great weight had been lifted from him.  I understand that he was literally walking on air for months after that session.  Once more, I was totally floored by the enormous influence that our timeless and sometimes illogical subconscious memory can have on our present lives. 

    Subsequent follow up has shown that Larry has remained free of this problem for well over four years after the regression session.


The Case of Vanessa Jackson: Depressive Thoughts


    This young woman was instructed to return to the cause of depressive thoughts, which she has had all of her life.  She regressed to a life as Marvin Banks, a private in the Confederate Army.  The year was 1865, and Private Banks lay dying in a makeshift hospital in South Carolina, close to his home state of Georgia.  Marvin had taken a bullet in the right side of his abdomen and was suffering greatly.  The pain became worse with every day that passed.  The only time that the military doctor saw him, the blood-soaked, weary surgeon just shook his head and mumbled, “Pitiful,” as he slowly walked away. 

    Marvin was consumed with frustration, anger, and depression, as he lay there waiting to die as he knew he would.  Four long weeks dragged on, until his body, wracked with pain, mercifully gave up his spirit.  As his beleaguered soul made its way to the light, Marvin still remained embroiled in anger and could not rid himself of the depressive residue from the last weeks of that lifetime.  In an effort to soothe his soul, Marvin’s Spirit Guide reminded him that his lesson was all about compassion and forgiveness, that it was necessary for him to remove this coat of anger, frustration, and depression, and leave it at the door to the light, for he will need to don it again when he returns to the Earth to relearn this lesson.  (This was the second time that I heard this metaphor from a Spirit Guide.)

    Following this revelation, I told the subject that she must never forget this lesson; and in order to release this well-engrained memory of depressive thoughts, she must be willing to forgive all transgressions.  During a follow-up phone conversation four years later, the subject gratefully acknowledged that she has had no further depressive thoughts since that session.  I smiled and thought to myself… one more victory for the power of the mind, and, oh, yes, less profits for the drug companies. 



The Case of Sharon Perot:

 Fear of Failure and of Expressing True Feelings Regarding Men


     This middle-aged female subject was actually quite successful in business; nevertheless, she constantly fostered a nagging feeling of fear that she will fail at what she is doing.  Taking her back to the cause of this fear of failure, ... <unrevealed material>


       Follow-up three and a half years later revealed that since the session, Sharon has no longer had a fear of failure or a fear of expressing her true feelings in her relationships with men.  When I received this report from her, one word dominated my thoughts… “Cool!”


The Case of Gina Roberts: Remaining in an Abusive Relationship


    This subject presented as a woman in her mid-fifties, who, like many battered women, often found herself remaining in an abusive relationship.  Taking her back to the cause of this particular problem, her subconscious mind began to convey the unpleasant details of three lifetimes, one of which was her present childhood.  Together these lifetimes appeared to shed light on her innermost feelings about men. 

    Her early childhood years were filled with mental pictures of her father as a large, looming, ominous figure, who was extremely mean and threatening.  He would drink excessively and both emotionally and physically abuse her mother and brother.  The subject claimed she was never really hurt but was always afraid that she would be.  Gina knew that her father would be drunk if he came home late, and this meant that her mother would most likely be choked and punched.  The subject’s fear became uncontrollable, even when her father was not around.  Gina left home when she was 18 years old. 

    In the second lifetime Gina found herself in England in the late 1930s.  She saw herself as a young teenage girl walking in a wooded forest at night.  Seeing a man on horseback coming toward her, she thought to herself, “He is someone in authority; he looks like he’s going to grab me.”  The subject then saw nothing as she proceeded to block out what was happening next.  Following further deepening, she continued, “He’s dragging me along to a place that has bars, like a dungeon.  I stayed there for two days… I feel OK; he did not hurt me… I then went home and remained alone most of the time.  I allowed myself to be taken away… I felt fear but I knew I couldn’t do anything about it, so I didn’t.”

    In the third lifetime she saw herself as a shepherd girl in her early twenties in the time of Christ.  She was observing Roman soldiers who were standing around and remarked, “They are in authority.  I feel very lowly next to them.  I’m so alone… as I watch these men, I’m thinking how handsome they are and how wonderful it would be to be with one of them or to be one of them.” 

    After hearing this synopsis of experiences that had been brought to the surface by her subconscious mind, I began to meticulously explain to the subject while still under deep hypnosis how the subconscious cell memory pattern that was laid out for her many hundreds of years ago had been broadened and reinforced by certain events that occurred in a lifetime in the 1930s and in her present life as she grew up.  The unusual combination of emotions brought on by these experiences became part of this subconscious memory, and as such were deeply engrained in a neurogenic pathway in her brain.  Thus current abusive situations would trigger the activation of the brain cells along this familiar, well-worn neurogenic tract and evoke seemingly inappropriate feelings and attitudes, which involved emotions that normally were not expressed simultaneously.  In Gina’s case, it was obvious that she had carried over this same bizarre blend of emotions, namely, affection and fear, into her present relationships with men, and this was overly complicated by the fact that she inappropriately looked up to these men as authority figures.  In addition to this irrational form of thinking Gina harbored a fear of being alone, which would explain why she would remain in an abusive relationship as long as she did. 

    My explanation included the very important fact that interrupting these neurogenic pathways in the brain would break the ice the first time, and repetitious interruptions will be the beginning of the end for this distorted type of thinking, putting her back on track with the proper emotional responses.  Consciously recognizing the causes that contributed to the problem will be its initial undoing; and as more appropriate responses come into play, new

neurogenic pathways will be formed and will be responsible for eliciting the proper emotions that will fit the circumstances. 

    During a follow up call six months later, Gina stated that she no longer harbored a fear of men or of a fear of being alone.  She felt that she could now express her true feelings with men. 


The Case of Grace Rutledge: Always Saying, “I’m Sorry”


    Returning to the source of a constant apologetic attitude, the subject uncovered four contributory lives.  The first life showed her to be a middle-aged English woman in the 1500s, who blamed herself for having a miscarriage. 

     The second life took place in Indonesia in the 1800s.  Grace was a teenage daughter of a widower who was always disappointed in her choices of boyfriends.  She eventually ran off with one of those boyfriends.

    In a third lifetime, Grace was a male living in Montana in the 1700s, who hunted professionally and also for his family’s food.  His son became ill and needed medical attention.  As the father and sole provider, he felt he should have been able to transport his son into the closest town to be seen by a doctor.  He did not have the means to do this; and his inability to get his son to a doctor resulted in the son’s death.  He never forgave himself. 

    A fourth life found Grace living as a twenty-five year old very overweight Tahitian woman, who was very ashamed of her appearance. 

    Grace’s Spirit Guide said that she had many more such lives that also contributed to the memory of this apologetic disposition.  Understanding where this feeling of being sorry came from and why it pervaded her daily mental posture gave the subject’s conscious mind all it needed to release this subconscious memory and rid herself from routinely saying this annoying and self-defeating statement.

    Follow-up three and a half years later found this subject to be completely free of frequently and inappropriately saying, “I’m sorry”.


The Case of Jean Collins: Depression and Feelings of Abandonment


       Jean was an attractive and intelligent woman in her mid-forties with a desire to investigate and eliminate a depression problem.  When taken back to the source of this problem, the subject immediately said in a fretful tone, “I was abandoned on Earth.”  This statement caught me off-guard. 

     I countered, “Where did you come from?”

Subject:  “I came from a higher realm, a higher vibration…Lemuria.”

Dr. T:  “What was your purpose in coming to Earth?”

Subject:  “To be of assistance… Earthlings have many problems.”

Dr. T:  “Were you born into a life on Earth?”

Subject:  “No, I came into a physical form as a walk-in, when the host body was seventeen years old... <unrevealed material>


     I was very happy to hear that she has had no further depression or thoughts of abandonment two and a half years later.

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