Sacred Earth Wisdom
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“In Kindred Spirits Wolf powerfully brings us into the presence of our animal elders, reawakening us to the lessons they have to teach us in the recovery of our own instincts and aliveness. This is a fiery, passionate and important book.”
-Paul Winter The Paul Winter Consort

"Kindred Spirits offers stories of our plant and animal teachers, as well as practices for our own reconnection with self, Earth and Spirit. This is a book that teaches about medicine wheels, quests, sense of place, and Gaian spirituality in a way that draws 'not so much ancient tradition, as from the same sacred source— inspirited, informative nature— that our ancestors once drew from.' “A surprising experience; archaic, fresh, future, wild, refined, all at once. Which should be no surprise— that ‘s how the real world is— my respects to Wolf .”
-Gary Snyder Pulitzer Prize-winning author and poet

“What a wonderful experience it is to be taken back into the magical earth through the words of Jesse Wolf Hardin! In Kindred Spirits the Earth lives and shimmers. We are enveloped in the feeling-world of Bear, Snake, Salmon, Wolf, Deer-- and through them we sense remnants of our own original, authentic, wild selves. We are fully inspired to return to the place where we abandoned our soul so long ago, ready to recover all the lost parts. This! This is where we must go for the healing of our own soul, and the soul of the World...”
-- Sedonia Cahill author, The Ceremonial Circle (HarperFrisco)

“And if we are very quiet, Pan comes out of hiding & teaches us the will of the land.” -Bill Devall (coauthor of Deep Ecology) “A surprising experience— archaic, fresh, future, wild, refined, all at once.” -Gary Snyder (author of The Practice of Wild) “I’ve heard Wolf speak many times over the past decade, and he never fails to inspire, surprise, enlighten, and utterly fascinate his audience with his passionate insights, his raucous anecdotes, and his personal knowledge of environmental issues acquired thought years of grassroots activism.”
-- Christopher Manes (author of Green Rage)