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Imprints of The Granite Publishing Group!

Granite Publishing LLC
includes several enterprises that disseminate significant, well-documented information and materials that ease the Earth's imminent transition to the 5th World. Its principle imprints are Wild Flower Press and Swan-Raven & Co.

Wild Flower Press Wild Flower Press
publishes books that document the reality and implications of the long-term extraterrestrial presence on Earth. These books expand your mind, alowing you to discover the spiritual aspects of these off-planet visitors and realize your destiny as a cosmic citizen. More...
Swan-Raven & Co.
Swan-Raven & Co.
publishes books that integrate the persistent wisdom of ancient peoples with the deepest knowledge of current-day seekers of natural, non-invasive healing modalities that are appropriate for the 21st Century. More...
Granite Publishing
publishes books that provide essential information for the changing times ahead.