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Welcome To The Granite Publishing Group!

The fact that you are here at this site is evidence that it has not escaped your attention that an enormous global transition is currently underway, an inexorable movement away from the decaying chaos of the past and towards a beautiful, sustainable future based on love, balance, and spiritual strength. We are emerging into what the ancients called the 5th World.

You are part of that promising transition, and you are probably seeking guidance as to how best to proceed, now that the old familiar paths seem increasingly blocked. Where are the guideposts? You came to the right place.

Granite Publishing, L.L.C.
includes several enterprises that disseminate significant, well-documented information and materials that ease the Earth's recent transition into the 5th World. Its principle imprints are Wild Flower Press and Swan-Raven & Co.

Granite Publishing
publishes books that provide essential information for the changing times ahead. Just released: second edition of Common Sense in Uncommon Times: Survival in a Changing World. This is your best guidebook on how to prepare for the changes that are upon us, and how to understand the big picture.
Wild Flower Press Wild Flower Press
publishes books that document the reality and implications of the long-term presence of exraordinary beings on Earth. These books expand your mind, alowing you to discover the spiritual aspects of these extraterrestrial, intraterrestrial, and transdimensional visitors and realize your destiny as a cosmic citizen. More...
Swan-Raven & Co.
Swan-Raven & Co.
publishes books that integrate the persistent wisdom of ancient peoples with the deepest knowledge of current-day seekers of natural, non-invasive healing modalities that are appropriate for the 21st Century. More...

The 5th World

We are in the middle of a global transition to what the ancients called the Fifth World. To prepare for it, we must purify ourselves by rethinking our ways, committing to positive change, knowing and respecting the Oneness that binds all living things together, sharing our abundance with others, living in truthfulness, and making decisions as if the future unborn could vote.

There is no question that a significant shift is already underway on this planet. The only questions that remain are: "How, what, when and where?" and to those questions we have no answers, only clues found by clearly recording what is happening around us for others to see and to learn from.

The primary purpose of the 5th World site is to carefully document our ongoing transition into The Fifth World.We have been doing this for 20 years, long before most people were even aware that a transition was underway.

Peruse the 5th World site to see the on-going documentation of this transition. Postings occur regularly in these seven topic areas:

New History -- rewriting the past with new insights
Milestones -- critical developments along the transition path
Expectations -- recorded projections and predictions of the future
Wisdom -- gentle guidance to help us through the transition
Thoughts -- opinions and insights from thoughtful folks
New Knowledge -- understandings you may have missed
Humor -- a little levity to get us through our hard times

To stay in email contact with new developments, join our periodic email newsletter, the 5th World Journal.

Welcome to the future!