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Our Partners
Wild Flower Press
Swan-Raven & Co.
Lucky 8/8/8 Crop Circle

Wild Flower Press is the world's longest-surviving publishing imprint devoted entirely to bringing out truth concerning the ET presence on Earth.

The newest hot release is Aingeal Rose O'Grady's A Time of Change: Akashic Guidance for Spiritual Transformation. Aingeal Rose has a unique ability to access the Akashic field, which has opened the door to startling new information about our lives and our world and reveals a much Bigger Plan for humanity and the Earth than previously thought.


Swan-Raven & Co. has long produced a small number of high-quality books that integrate ancient wisdom and practices into the modern world.

The newest hot release is shamanic practitioner Gwilda Wiyaka's So We're Still Here. Now What?, an amazing journey into the ancient world of shamanism, as applied to our modern world. This book delves deeply into the hidden principles behind effective shamanic practices that were used long ago to steward people through times of change, and it teaches you how to use these principles to navigate through today's disruptions.

  Not Made By Hands Cosmic Energy Essences offers 85 highly energetic healing essences derived from pure well water energized in the energy centers of the most powerful and significant English crop circles that have appeared since 2002. Decoded via the Akashic Records, we know who made the formations, why, and how to use their poqwerful energies. Nowhere else on Earth can you personally feel the healing and transformative power of these messages from those benevolent, caring beings who silently watch us. Try one today!