Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
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Welcome To Swan-Raven & Company!

Swan-Raven & Company, an imprint of Granite Publishing L.L.C., publishes books that integrate the irrepressible wisdom of ancient peoples with the deepest knowledge of current-day seekers of natural, non-invasive healing modalities that are appropriate for the 21st Century.

Established in 1990, Swan-Raven & Company merged with Wild Flower Press in 1991 to form Blue Water Publishing, which was in turn reorganized in 1996 to form Granite Publishing, L.L.C. Today Swan-Raven & Co. prides itself in creating a small number of high-quality, beautiful and significant books that help people integrate ancient understandings with modern insights.

Throughout the Swan-Raven books runs a current of deep appreciation of the enduring beauty and majesty of this dear blue-water planet on which we live. Mother Earth is the only livable planet we have, and she demands our utmost attention to restoring its once-pristine condition. We are the designated stewards of Mother Earth, not her masters. We have responsibility for her, not self-serving dominion over her.

So, We're Still Here.

A spectacular new title in the Swan-Raven line is Gwilda Wiyaka's So, We're Still Here. Now What?:Spiritual Evolution and Personal Empowerment in a New Era. We all made it through the December 21, 2012, Turning of the Ages. The world isnow vibrating at a higher vibration. Things are different. Shaman Gwilda Wiyaka gives you what you need to know about the transition and how to empower yourself in the new era, using ancient shamanic practices.

Representative of our deeply held appreciation for Mother Earth is Jesse Wolf Hardin's moving collection of essays, Kindred Spirits: Sacred Earth Wisdom. This is truly a book to savor, word by word. It will bring you to tears and leave your soul soaring with eagles. Give it a good place on your shelf of favorite books.

The best seller in the Swan-Raven stable is Eliot Cowan's legendary classic, Plant Spirit Medicine: Healing with the Power of Plants. As the only fully initiated Caucasian American shaman, Eliot Cowan walks a unique and gentle path between the mystical world of ancient Huichol Indian wisdom and the mundane, chaotic world of modern Western society. A fully credentialed practitioner of Chinese five-element acupuncture, Eliot Cowan discovered that all of the known benefits of acupuncture healing could be accomplished without the use of needles by appealing in the Huichol way to the over-lighting spirits of the correct plants, asking them, in a good, respectful and sacred way, to work their healing magic upon those who are open to being helped. The astounding success of this method has created thousands of plant-spirit-medicine practitioners the world over and had led to the establishment of the Blue Deer Center in upper state New York, where practitioners are regularly trained in a beautiful, dedicated facility. Read this simple, little book, and marvel at the worlds that it opens to you.

A recent addition to the line is Dr. C. V. Tramont's remarkable book, From Birth to Rebirth: Gnostic Healing for the 21st Century. A now-retired pediatric doctor, Tramont long sought more effective treatment modalities to help individuals whose healing seemed to be firmly blocked by circumstances beyond the reach of surgery and pharmaceuticals. As he explored the use of therapeutic hypnosis, he found that some patients made astonishing recoveries after being carefully guided under hypnosis to revisit apparent previous significant lives, whose often-traumatic events seem to be related to present-day maladies. It became apparent to Tramont that people suffering from a wide variety of stubborn ailments can be liberated from their difficulties by learning who they are, why they are here, and where they came from. In ancient times people who believed this principle were called Gnostics. Now, through this fascinating book, Dr. Tramont has rediscovered a marvelous healing modality, one that is non-intrusive, efficient, and inexpensive, just what our troubled society needs, with its high-priced health care that is available only to those who can afford it. Read From Birth to Rebirth, and rejoice!

It is noteworthy to observe that Dr. Tramont's revolutionary work with past-life regression as a healing technique dovetails nicely with Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle's pioneering work in the use of past-life regression to help people who have apparently been abducted by aliens. His Wild Flower Press book, Soul Samples: Personal Exploration in Reincarnation and UFO Experience, corroborates Tramont's unexpected discovery that some of his patient's previous lives did not occur on this planet.

When Swan-Raven & Co. and Wild Flower Press first came together, it was not apparent that the two subject matters overlapped much. Today it is abundantly clear why the Universe has merged these two important streams of inquiry. Ancient wisdom in many cultures predicts an imminent shift to a better way of living on Earth, a configuration they called The Fifth World. Knowledge of our Cosmic roots and the on-going presence among us of intelligent, compassionate off-planet beings is part of the knowledge that must become common knowledge before war becomes obsolete as a way of making decisions. Before we can transcend from the unsustainable and self-destructive "Fourth World" into the equitable, peaceful and sustainable Fifth World, we must all work together, helping each other take steps on the new path.

Welcome, friend. With your help and that of many others, we will bring about the Fifth World and find our intended place in the Cosmos.