Documenting the Unexpected
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A Time of Change
Welcome To Wild Flower Press

Wild Flower Press publishes books that document the reality and impllications of the long-term extraterrestrial (ET, or UFO) presence on Earth.

Our books expand your mind, alowing you to discover the spiritual aspects of these off-planet visitors and realize your destiny as a cosmic citizen.

Established in 1987, Wild Flower Press is perhaps the world's longest surviving publishing entity entirely devoted to exploration of the Earth's longest unsolved mystery -- who are we, why are we here, and where do we come from?

The short story is this: we are immortal souls living in bodies that directly descend from alien races who seeded our kind here on mulitple occasions. We are here to have an Earth-based experience so we can learn self-chosen lessons that are essential for our spiritual advancement. Our bodies come from the stars, and our souls are splinters of God.

Life is abundant and diverse in the Universe. Our solar system, a mere 4.6 billion years old, is an infant in an ancient universe that is over 13.6 billion years old. Countless other planetary systems formed billions of years before ours. Life evolves naturally wherever it can, and life evolved abundently elsewhere during the 9-billion year headstart that the universe had over our solar system. As Earthlings did later, other intelligent beings learned to move beyond their planet of origin until they began to explore other planets. When they visited early Earth, they left their seed here, upgrading with genetic engineering the native hominid species they found here.

These creator-gods said, as in Genesis 1, "Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness."

Aliens are our forebears. We are very much like them.

Several seedings flourished and died before ours. Periodic catastrophes occurred, and ancient evidence folded slowly into the Earth over time. When the cultivator races returned here from time to time, our ancestors concluded they must have been gods, and religions arose in distant memory of those visitations, which continue to this day. Followers of these religions differed with one another in their limited interpretations of truth and nonsensically began to kill one another over who was right. To date, more humans have died from religious differences than from any other cause.

The cultivator races did not like the effect that their visitations were having on the development of peaceful Earthling societies, so they quarantined the Earth from indisputable off-planet interference, erasing memories where necessary and leaving only plausibly questionable evidence.

Earth is a special place where reincarnated souls, divested of their past memories and without aid of explicit off-planet guidance, have a shared responsibility to find lasting peace, equitable distribution of wealth, a sustainable economy, a balanced, abundant environment, and an understanding of our Cosmic place and history.

This ultimate configuration of life on Earth was called the FIfth World by shamans in the Mayan, Hopi, and other ancient Native American cultures. They predicted that the Fourth World would end about the year 2012, and that the Fifth World would replace it soon thereafter.

Wild Flower Press publishes books that assist readers in finding paths to the Fifth World. The fact that you are reading this is evidence that you, too, are a seeker of the real truth. Welcome to our home. Please come in and share the knowledge that we have been blessed to accumulate so far. Add your voice to those pioneers who have come this way before you.

Welcome, friend. With your help and that of many others, we will bring about the Fifth World and find our intended place in the Cosmos.